SSA Automatic Solder Feeder


SSA Automatic Solder Feeder

For Automated Equipment

SSA is an auto solder feeder with external I/O for solder feeding and control. With its built-in motor controller, solder can be fed forward or reverse, or can be controlled by an external controller. Forward drive is adjustable with speed controller. Solder clog and shortage sensor are standard features.

The SSA system is designed for use in automated environments such as automatically filling solder pots, feeding solder for copper joints, and flame applications etc.  If used to control the solder liquid surface level, it automatically keeps the level constant.

The SSA can accommodate 0.4 mm ~ 2.0 mm solder wire diameters. Please specify the wire diameter when placing an order.

These feeding units utilize a set of pinch rollers to feed the wire. The Zero Solder Ball (ZSB) rollers are not available on the SSA.

Type SSA Feeder
AC 100V / 220 V 50/60Hz
DC 5 Watt
Solder Diameter
Solder Feed
External control (high/low)
Solder Feed Speed
10~30 mm/sec
Solder Feed Reverse
External control, speed 30 mm/sec
Clogged/shortage sensor
External Control
Weight Approx. 2kg
Accessories Included
I/O connector, External power supply connector, Power cable
Option Solder wire feeding tube