NCM-02 N2/O2 Measuring Instrument


NCM-02 Nitrogen Measuring Instrument

These meter can measure nitrogen concentration up to: 99.9%, O2 concentration: 25%.  The level of N2 gas generation is measured precisely.  Sub-optimal levels of N2 are a common sign that a internal filters in the system aren't clean.  This tool is great for detecting such issues.

Display Value
100 - 02 Concentration (%)
Measuring Range
99.9~75%(N2) 0.1~25%(O2)
Overall Accuracy
±1.0%FS (conforms to O2)
Power Supply
AC100~220V (adapter included)
Power Consumption
Less than 15W
Weight 0.5kg
N2 Enclosing Port
For Φ4mm tube / One-Touch Connector