Our Company

Apollo Seiko has dedicated the past 48 years to the design and development of automated soldering systems.   Our visionary founder, George Kawaguchi, identified a need to automate the labor-intensive process of hand soldering.  He revolutionized the soldering industry by creating systems that increased output and quality by providing a precise, repeatable robotic process.  Since this time, Apollo Seiko has continued to patent many advances in selective soldering technology including versatile iron tip design, innovative solder feeding techniques and Nitrogen integration to provide a low-cost, lead free soldering solution for both robotic and hand soldering applications.  From automotive to biotechnology, we believe all electronics industries can benefit from automated soldering.  

Apollo Seiko Ltd. calls Bridgman, MI home for its North American operations.  Our centrally located facility hosts a state-of-the-art demo room and creates the perfect collaborative environment to meet our high expectations and build things we are proud of.  Our growing interdisciplinary team consists of knowledgeable engineers and technical staff ready to build strong partnerships with our customers.