LUNA & TERRA Automated Soldering Units


LUNA & TERRA Automated Soldering Units

LUNA and TERRA systems have been designed exclusively for automated soldering. These soldering units can be widely adapted for use in semi & fully automated systems, such as dial-table systems, conveyor systems, desk-top robots, linear actuators and your special purpose machines.  Equipped with a large, color, touch-panel displays, these units are easily read and interacted with for programming, management, and host connection.  And, with multiple-power support, these units can be used in areas without trans AC220V.


The TERRA offers a whopping 297 soldering profiles, making it a solution for all types of soldering application challenges.  Its 200 watt heater also enables it to handle large thermal mass components.


The LUNA is essentially a smaller, more specific version of the TERRA.  With 7 soldering profiles to address both point and slide iron-tip soldering, and a 130 watt heater, the LUNA is a flexible and effective unit.

Power AC85~264V (single phase)
Power Consumption
240W 154W
Air Supply
0.4~0.5 MPa
Solder Type
0.4~2.0mm Select 1 type
0.4~1.6mm for ZSB
0.3mm (Optional)
0.4~1.6mm Select 1 type
0.4~1.2mm for ZSB 0.3mm (Optional)
Solder Conditions
297 Conditions (99 point, 99 slide, 99 special)
7 conditions (4 point, 3 slide)
Setting Temp.
Heater Capacity
200W (max)
130W (max)
Solder Step
9 steps
Wait Temperature
250°C (Adjustable)
External Start Box
Controller Weight
Feeder Unit Weight
Iron Unit Weight
Components Luna or Terra Controller, RSP/RSL Iron Unit, Solder Wire Feeder, Solder Wire Feeding Tube, Iron Unit/Feeder Signal Cable, Air Tube for Iron Unit, Power Supply Cable