Fume Extractors


Fume Extractors

Solder fumes irritate eyes, nose and throat of workers and can cause equipment failures if they accumulate on machinery. For these reasons, we recommend a fume extractor and offer several solutions for various production environments.

VAC-1000 and VAC-3000


The VAC-1000's three-carbon-filter enclosure cleans solder fumes and exhaust.  For environments with insufficient ventilation, we recommend combining it with the VAC-3000 unit.

Type VAC-3000
Filtering Rate
More than 95%, 0.3μm
Vacuum Type
Air Supply
0.5MPa (Dry air)
Noise Level
Below 82 dB
Size (WxDxH)
194x170x308 mm
Weight Approx. 4.0kg

BOFA System15 and Purex


The integral fume extraction system (Bofa 15) is a self-contained fume removal system. Solder fumes are vacuumed through a silicone tube mounted directly to the point of soldering. The combination of the two filtering units (Pre-filter & HEPA filter) removes all harmful gases, thus preventing flux build-up on the iron and extending tip life all while keeping the environment clean and safe.

Type System15
Filtering Rate
More than 99.997% (0.3μm, HEPA) More than 99.997%
Vacuum Type
IP54 Synchronous (brushless) motor
Air Flow
70m³/h 100m³/h, 59cf/m
Noise Level
Below 50 dB
52 dBA
Wattage - 50W / 75W
Size (WxDxH)
360x330x500 mm
455x480x720 mm
AC230V 1ph 50Hz or 110V 1ph 60Hz AC 120V or 230V, +/- 10%